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FOCUS Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎11-11-2014 04:20 PM - edited ‎10-24-2017 08:37 PM

FOCUS Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines


We want to hear from you on how we can improve our diagnostic imaging solutions. Submit your own idea or give a kudo to an existing idea.


Please abide by the following guidelines when submitting an idea:


Search Before You Submit

Remember that Search field. Don’t forget to search the community before submitting a new idea. We’d hate for you to waste your time writing something up that has already been submitted or already has an answer.


The Idea Exchange is Not for Submitting Complaints and Issues

If you would like to submit an issue or a complaint about our product or services, you can report this by submitting a ticket in the Enterprise Medical Imaging Support Portal. This can be accessed under the Support Tab in the Community. Any submissions which include complaints or issues will be removed from the Idea Exchange forum, and you will be privately notified of this action.


Review Terms and Conditions

Change Healthcare has a large and productive creative and technical staff dedicated to developing new and innovative products. Change Healthcare also works with a number of vendors and consultants, each of whom also conduct extensive research and development efforts on behalf of Change Healthcare. Therefore, it is always possible that a Change Healthcare employee or consultant is working on or has already developed the very suggestion or idea you would like to submit to Change Healthcare. It is also possible that Change Healthcare employees or consultants may later develop an idea similar or even identical to the one you submit to Change Healthcare, without having access to your submission, or that your idea has been or will be suggested by another submitter. It is also possible that your idea might already be disclosed in prior publications or might already be in public use. Therefore, to avoid potential misunderstandings that could arise out of such situations, please review the Terms and Conditions carefully. 


Draft your idea

To help the community understand what you’re suggesting, try to put the idea in the form of user stories and be sure to include the product, your rationale and an idea of customer value.


Consider using the following user story format:


As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit).


Information to include:

  • The Product Name and Version
  • The Role: Who (what type of user) is the feature for? The Something: What is it that the user wants to do – the goal and/or desire?
  • The Benefit: Why do they need it – what do they need to accomplish? What value do they derive from the feature?
  • Additional descriptive context, for example…
      • Examples of other places or products where you’ve seen the feature or something like it.
      • A sense of priority or desired timeframe.


And finally, don’t forget to fulfill your civic duty and VOTE for those items you like and agree with by giving the idea a Kudos.


We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you for following these guidelines.

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